(76) Kaleidoscope

Not really sure what’s happening here but at listener’s requests we tried AGAIN to do a prank and clearly it’s not working out. Just can’t seem to get thru them like we used to, not sure why. We will try again in the future and hopefully get them right again.

After the Gay Girl from Damascus hoax revealed that Lez Get Real “A Gay Girl’s View on the World” was yet another hoax, the site is still up, they’ve accepted zero accountability, and if possible seem even crazier than they already are. They’ve said they will continue posting their normal stupidity under Lez Get Real “A Gay Girl’s View On the World” posing as lesbian women even though the site is run by a heterosexual man who did 2 years probation and community service for domestic violence; a transgender, who is supposedly lesbian transgender, yeah ok, and one of their mother’s; that’s right, N0 lesbians. These imbeciles, specifically Bridgette LaVictore, has been aggressively cyber stalking us for quite a long time but we didn’t put them on blast before we understood the details. Unfortunately, we can’t blame all of our stalkership on these locusts as we’d need an academy awards ceremony to host all of them.

And re: the opening of course we don’t know if anyone really is or isn’t an alcoholic, it’s best to assume we’re probably exaggerating, BUT in some cases we are definitely NOT! Cable news people are drunks!

Are lesbians exempt from ever being considered slutty? Not that we don’t adore the word Slut amid the right occasion, but really now.

What else? Who has a memory longer than a webpage download these days? Can’t remember it all, tune in and find out!

Listener voicemail from geminichanel is regarding show # 59.

A lot of this is recorded on the portable which requires some shouting. Please be forgiving of this situational scenariosis.

Disclaimer: neither of us have ever cheated and we think it’s gross. And we love you vegetarians too, shaddep! Except for the preachy sanctimonious a-hole types, we just tolerate you.

Love you long time.


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