(78) Lezbun Sessions

mono is super short and TBFTGOG plays for too long but what are ya gonna do? experimenting on skype with Lale in LA and of course the sound is dreadful. we talk cigs, lesbian repair men, and more!!! Nicole and I chat about her leaving the psych ward gig, coming out at her new one, and other stuff like what to do when you find out that you’re not sexually compatible with your partner late in  the relationship.

disclaimer: horrified at even the possibility of my nephew being gay because I know exactly what the repercussions are for being gay in my family.


Bonus TLM Audio via Twitter:

AUDIO: (10/19/2011) Nobody’s Bitch Take on OWS – This is just an audio addition to the Tumblr post from earlier today….http://chirb.it/24PJ4M

Original Tumblr blog re: OWS (10/14/2011) http://dld.bz/aw7Tb

AUDIO: 4 Minute Debate via 7 yo Nephew http://chirb.it/8brGqM

talk to you soon!


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