(77) The We Hate This Show Show But Love You Like Crack Cocaine

We really do hate this particular podcast with a passion. We talk a lot about nothing but feel intensely pressured to post content, even if it’s devoid of meaning … like Julie Chen’s every tear.

Mostly all of it is recorded on the portable so it’s tinny, there’s lots of shouting and the sound goes in and out. You know, we like to keep it Hollywood.

And while we realize not every song your girlfriend/partner likes is autobiographical, especially if they’re a music lover, we’re just saying if she is bizarrely obsessed with a song you might want to pay attention to what it’s about. If you’re a lesbian worth your salt, you’ve raided her closets when she was in the shower anytime she’s done anything even remotely suspicious, but some of you get lazy. We’re just saying … don’t sleep on a biatch!

Love you more than Crank.

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