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The Lesbian Mafia: because Lesbians are not bisexual. Learn it b*tches. Leeearn it! We love our bi friends but Lesbians are NOT.

After decades of media and porno assault on Lesbian identity and culture, if anyone male, female, gay, bi or otherwise gets the simple truth above twisted then they are homophobic misogynists and need to GO. We understand that nothing in life is black or white and there are a myriad of reasons women end up living heterosexual lives…internal or external homophobia, bad relationships, economic concerns, religion, kids etc., but for the most part it’s reeeeeally simple…if a woman enjoys sleeping with dudes she’s NOT a Lesbian. The End. She may be primarily attracted to women and “Lesbian identified” or whatever the frack, but sorry, she ain’t Lez if she’s doing it with dudes and gets hot for dudes, that’s called bi or queer. Learn it! And PLEASE do not come to us with Jerry Springer questions about your gay guy friend who had sex with your Lesbian friend under a magnolia tree in 1992 who got preggers and they had a baby named Emily and ask us “is she a Lesbian?” Look, we don’t know WTF your friend is.

On a more serious Manifesto-y note…


We are not feminists of any kind BECAUSE we are pro-woman we don’t relate to most of the politics in the feminist/womanist or LGBT community anymore. We still have many as friends of course and there are still some great thinkers in the feminist world but our experience is that in the feminist community you are respected when you say nothing, tow the line, and promote men’s agendas under the guise of rigid equality and never ever hurting anyone’s feelings ever for any reason whatsoever at WOMEN’S EXPENSE and being so “inclusive” that WOMEN have NOTHING to do with your focus any longer. In the gay community women have never been the focus they are only servants to the rest of the G B & T. So, not a big surprise who are considered “respected” in the feminist and gay community, THAT respect is meaningless and useless and we relate to it almost as little as we relate to the right wing but in a different way, conservative republican extremism is deliberate evil but liberal extremism is the path to hell paved with good intentions. Liberals ARE still good intentioned but ultimately you end up in almost the same place, just a different version of hell. And it’s very easy for either side to become too extreme and tyrannical. If you look at both sides basic tenets, they aren’t THAT different at their core but both sides violate that core HUGE. The only way to change it is to reject it and MAKE a new STANDARD, your own. The field needs to be changed, you don’t climb their moron mountain and “play the game” and get “respected” by a bunch of over-privileged and wanna-be over-privileged self-promoting people who are WRONG most of the time NEVER focus on women and side against Lesbians at the drop of a dime on any given issue (the rare Lesbians who still have the ability for independent thought outside of these male-centric communities). You MOVE the field. Lesbian feminists have always done the heavy lifting and been the backbone in the feminist and LGBT world and then get abused HUGE and dismissed. Which is why these days Lesbians are rarely if ever feminist and don’t bother showing up to gay or feminist functions in true numbers. And feminists can’t distance themselves FROM Lesbians FAST ENOUGH! The feeling is mutual when they hijack a movement, miss the point entirely and reduce it all to ‘shame-free’ promiscuity and not getting pregnant, ultimately serving males even MORE. At least men felt responsible for taking care of a woman and their children back in the day. It didn’t always happen but at least the prick had to disappear and go to a new town if he was just going to abandon her with child because her father would come after him with a shotgun because her daddy wasn’t going to support his daughter AND a grandkid. Now dudes can do whatever the hell they want. 

And the LGBTQIAABCDEFGHIJKLMNOP community, if possible, are even more begrudging of Lesbians and particularly with the headway in media which Lesbians had to get on OUR OWN because the gay (and feminist/womanist) media excluded us COMPLETELY for decades while using our brain-power and muscle to advance a sausage-fest agenda that has little to nothing to do with Lesbian women. That backfired HUGE so NOW they’re trying to change that but many are still horribly begrudging of the straight world’s never ending fascination with most Lesbians, lipstick or not doesn’t even seem to matter these days. Just the media headway and multiple orgasms alone will always make G B & T and feminists hate us but we digress…..Saying the same old boring equation BS to a bunch of over-privileged people and those who aspire to be over-privileged people, isn’t going to DO or CHANGE a thing. We’ll still defend any one of them when right wing loonbags are attacking based on their Atheist masquerading as Christian agenda of hatred because WE are not spineless traitors but we will also be the first ones to argue with them too, same goes for any Trans women expecting us to stop identifying ourselves as women but instead “biological” women, you have really GOT to be kidding with that. You want four sexes do your thing, we’ll hire you, we’ll rent you an apartment, we’ll chill with you, love you to death and respect you as an individual who can and should live the way you want but you should respect that women should live the way WE want and understand that women can have all different varying shades of feelings about things that affect us like who we undress with, without being shamed by the liberal, feminist or LGBT establishment who don’t have any concept of reality or how things actually APPLY within the inner working of the Lesbian world. They have only been exposed to uber civilized privileged LGBT (and couldn’t care less about Trans men by the way AND they would never tell men they had to start identifying as “biological” men and they wouldn’t be taken seriously even if they tried but they never would because they aren’t agro) so if anyone is expecting half of the human population to change how we identify ourselves, we call that misogynist crazy-making and that’s not going to work for us because we are not slaves to be named, we already have one, it’s called Women. And you can call us all the hostile misogynist labels you want, BIOLOGICAL FEMALE, CIS, GENDER THIS-OR-THAT, CGI, CSI, PSY-FY, PHI BETTA KAPPA, LOCA, FOUR LOCO phobic this and that and WHAT EVER the frack you want  but when VIOLENCE and AGGRESSION are your go-to reaction whenever you hear women say something that disagrees with your misogynist rules for us, JUST EXACTLY how you want them, then don’t expect us to think you are women exactly like us because violence, aggression and stabbing threats due to upset feelings are not how women handle things, we tune out that misogynist rage. But thankfully, and without any help from the feminist, LGBT or liberal world, the newer wave of gender-queer and  Trans women have seemingly changed much of this outdated ideology, many are embracing their bodies and LOOK amazing and happier. And for all intents and purposes have seemingly dropped much of the misogynist aggressive attitudes. Call us!           

We care about and have tremendous compassion for everyone but as shocking as it may be, our focus is WOMEN and LESBIANS. And femininity, which is not cut and dry, is the source of our strength. It is our observation that most (not all but most) L G B & T are frequently more aggressively misogynistic than straight men and women. That goes for the gay orgs who supposedly speak for us but decidedly do not.  So when WE choose to donate our money, valuable life-energy and time it goes to women’s causes. There are many women-specific cancers, autoimmune diseases and social and economic concerns that very often directly affect Lesbian women. 99.9 percent of Lesbians will never contract HIV through sexually irresponsible behavior BUT it IS likely that in her last years (or longer) she will live with a women-specific illness and/or disability like any other woman. Women’s issues (not gay issues) ARE Lesbian issues. WE are not “bad” because we aren’t CONSTANTLY concerned with EVERY SINGLE OTHER GBTQIAABCDEFGHIJKLMNOP group of 6 people under the sun who think they don’t have it as good as we do. YOU DON’T KNOW US!! YOU DON’T KNOW SHIT about what we have or what it’s like to be us. Can we live? We are FEMALE, we don’t have anything that great. But we can’t go anywhere or even read a liberal/progressive or feminist or LGBTQIAABCDEFG blog without being shamed because we aren’t MORE victimized than whatever letter of the LGBTQIAABCDEFG aphabet soup community’s pet issue takes priority OVER women and decides THEY are more victimized than us. SCREW YOU. We are allowed to disagree with LGBT and feminist male-centric and everyone-ELSE-except-lezbos misogynist agendas without having to apologize for it. We aren’t hurting ANYONE, harass the people who DO. Just because you’re a woman or a Lesbian doesn’t mean it’s your JOB to bow to every single G B and T or feminist or liberal agenda and pet project. We don’t have husbands, so G B and T and feminists/womanists and even some Lesbians get aggressive with the stupid Lesbians who don’t ever want to upset anyone ever EVEN when THEY are being disrespected or put upon. Their conferences, media and blogosphere are more often than not indoctrination tools for christ’s sake, that have less and less to do with WOMEN or LESBIANS any and every time we tune in. It’s SO easy to get women, especially young women, to sympathize with everyone OVER themselves and then think “Wow, I never thought about it like that. I’m more hetero-normative than I thought blah blah blah… poor everyone else but me, sniffle, sob. I SHOULD be thinking about THEM, they ARE feminism.” NO they aren’t actually. Every single other minority status group does not need women to fight for them, they ALL end up doing WAY better than women are and THEY never fight for WOMEN unless it serves THEM and when they do pretend they care they threaten non-support because of women not being inclusive ENOUGH of THEIR agendas! FUCK THAAAT sick twisted misogyny masquerading as inclusiveness!! You have only to look so far as their media to see how important women’s issues are in the G B T and feminist and liberal world, (it’s not cool when anyone is killed or attacked but) the difference in the response to violence against women via their online and mainstream media says unequivocally that G, B & T matter more than women. That rigid “equality” UNDER the law gets the over-privileged all fired up but has no place in the REALITY of most humans, LEAST of all WOMEN regardless of age or station in life. Libs, LGBT, Feminists just ignore that fact and shoot for utopia that can only stagnate and fail (if their wet dreams were realized). But get ’em young and they will be morons forever until someone slaps them awake. They wanna shame everyone and LESBIANS for not being BETTER more EVOLVED people. Oh, eat a dick.  You think your average Woman or Lesbian doesn’t have more stress and problems to deal with and they have TIME to worry about every single G B & T??? We don’t need their over-privledged asses telling us we need to be BETTER. MOST Lesbians are having a hard time just LIVING! You live in a niche that has nothing to do with REAL WOMEN AND LESBIANS then good for you. But take a trip out of SOHO or Park Slope or Tribeca, fuck LEAVE NY, LA, SF, BOSTON, CONNECTICUT or SEATTLE and see what REAL women, no less LESBIANS have to deal with! FUCK, JUST LEAVE YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD and talk to someone who didn’t go to COLUMBIA!!!

Have you ever noticed they will tell you ALL DAY what and who not to support and why, because it supposedly “discriminates” but never tell you ANYTHING that educates you so then YOU have knowledge to apply? You’re not helping me bitch, you’re just applying equation standards to shit and handing me a NAZI playbook. How about you help a bitch UNDERSTAND something, with the information she already HAS.  People are not stupid they just THINK they are. They live in this world and they HAVE their own experiences, they just don’t know they know stuff. And handing them an UNREALISTIC playbook just makes them feel bad OR turns them into a weird thoughtless army of morons WHO will eventually grow up, have an experience and then stop participating in nonsense. Women don’t PARTICIPATE in feminism anymore. They don’t even LIVE it. They dont need to slut march or a sleazy gay parade that has fuck all to do with women or Lesbians, they need to LIVE IT and have their own experiences and interpretations. Giving them knowledge and information is empowering them and HELPS them LIVE IT.   

Pro 2nd Amendment: In a world where women are always on the receiving end of violence, we find it positively orgasmic when a normal, sane, empowered woman can handle a gun. In our opinion gun bans are illogical, have proven disastrous and we consider them anti-woman.

Moderate/Political Atheists: We regularly call out BS on all sides of the political spectrum, liberal, conservative, left, right, democrat, republican, etc., because BS on ALL sides needs to be called out. We have no use or respect for politicians and their shit-whore media. We don’t believe a single word any of them say. They’re as phony as they sound. We stay away from ALL talking head provocateur reactionary pundits and anchors on the conservative White Trash Media and all cable “news” and of course the jukebox nobody knows even exists anymore known as right wing a.m. radio, controlled mainstream media, print, editorials and the blogosphere whose only job is to inflame and incite hatred. No matter which pundits or talking heads you tune into it is blatantly obvious they’ve divided our society and that is precisely why they exist. Right wing White Trash Media are quintessential white trash and they are the leaders of and the face of white trash everywhere. They have NOTHING to offer. That’s WHY they’re on the extremist right. Hate, fights, and snide little comments. That’s so EASY. And they aren’t even good at it. You could spout THEIR agenda on ANY topic in your sleep. Just pit everyone against each other with HATE using phony arguments right, left and center and twist and blame and anyone with a different opinion are automatically the “opposition” the “bad guys” and blah blah blah booooooooooooring propaganda snooze-fest!! Just pretend it makes sense. Left wing media isn’t guiltless, their propaganda seeps in or is pushed deliberately whether they are well intentioned or not. We (TLM) have an agenda, Lesbian and women stuff and goofing around on Podcast, but that is the POINT, we’re totally up front about that. But it can’t even be remotely compared. We aren’t posing as JOURNALISTS who have no agenda, there IS an agenda and you can disagree with it all you want, it says it right IN this manifesto, but we don’t just swallow all of anyone’s ideals, no matter who it’s from. We just like to point out how biased and twisted the misinformation the media puts out IS. Admit the agenda, stop pretending it’s unbiased news, we don’t care which side you are on or how well intentioned you are, if you HAVE an agenda, don’t hide it. Let people decide, don’t trick them. Even a benevolent dictator controls and oppresses, the left is waaaay better than the evil right wing but it’s still tyranny. There are billions of people and endless ideas in this world, and there are only two stark opposing positions available on any and every issue that divide Americans into extreme left or the extreme right wing misogynist, racist, classist, homophobes? Then they switch sides on issues every couple of years to keep everyone off balance? Come on. This is what will bring the already sinking America down completely. Sorry, the world is NOT divided into left and right. How blind and stupid can people be that they can’t see what is right in front of their eyes? They watch the news to be informed but the very reason they’re so uninformed is BECAUSE they watch the news. Anyone who continues to watch and believe it deserves what they get. Entering the political arena is playing by their rules, you’ve lost already, it is their system and they write the rules and the news media lies all day and all night and sprinkles in half-truths to make it palatable. The system can’t be fixed by working from within because the system protects itself. The only answer is to refuse to go along with it by not supporting a system that represents the powerful and excludes real people with real-life concerns. There are only cliques and niche groups with their crazy agendas. Do you enjoy being duped over and over and over again? We don’t. Disaffiliation from party politics is the revolution that will return power to the people.

We are Pro-choice but we do not subscribe to the divisive tenet that all of womanity boils down to this one issue. This doesn’t mean however, that we don’t have strong opinions about our reproductive rights and control over our own bodies. Maybe when we see Anti-choice reactionary frauds violently protesting IVF clinics for discarding all of the surplus embryos that die in trash bins we’ll raise an eyebrow, until then, it’s clear that they are frauds. As far as men’s opinions on the matter we don’t spend much time thinking about them. Anti-choice Gay Men and Trans on the other hand do cause a slight blip on our radar (there ARE some shit-whores)  because if there’s anyone on God’s green earth further removed from the creation of life it’s them. They could not care less about embryos but we sure get a laugh out of their embarrassing posturing that they have MORALS ahhaha!!! We suggest they focus their energies on themselves by taking a more vocal position on NAMBLA, HIV/AIDS transmission and get Preparation H by the caseload.  Or perhaps, for those less civic minded, how about putting on a pair of pants at parades and God forbid maybe a shirt? Nobody wants to smell or see them shoving their offensive nakedness in everyone’s faces it’s beyond gross and embarrassing for everyone involved which is why we don’t attend LGBTQIAABCDEFGHIJKLMNOP dude-centric parades. Clearly, they only want their unstable, slutty, low-class fag-hags and tranny-hags trotting behind them anyway. We’d like to remind these faux-Christian gay harpies that sodomy is prolifically condemned in the Old Testament very specifically between males. Leviticus does not apply to Lesbian women. No, women are not included in the condemnation ”ALSO” because saying “man” in the bible applies to males and females, nope, WRONG, women have never been considered to have any sexual needs, no less was WRITTEN about for chrissakes until maybe the 1960s, so don’t be ridiculous. And there’s certainly no Leviticus for abortion either and abortions have most DEFINITELY been going on way before only the white trash Priests were killing babies and women off as witches who were probably with child from being raped by THEM, only God knows, they’re so depraved. It really is ridiculous when an “I wanna be ‘conservative’ because I’m better than other fags” shit-whore pretends to judge a woman or have an opinion about birth control or anything really, picking up dog-shit even. If sticking your dick in another queer’s ass produced a baby, not only would they want free birth control, they’d want free abortion too and they’d make zygote quilts, have vigils and cry into every camera on the planet. That actually goes for ANY dude if they could create life, just like how dude’s health insurance covers VIAGRA and VASECTOMIES, so go make love to a glory-hole, ya degenerates. The only thing dudes can give birth to is a dump in the toilet. Their feigned anti-choice agenda is an act of anti-woman aggression and should be regarded as such. These are not just gay duders with whom we have differing political opinions; they are fundamentally damaged miserable people who are intent upon attacking women’s rights. The fact that it’s just posturing and that they have no power does not make their behavior any less reprehensible and worthy of contempt. They exploit God and scripture to advance themselves reveling in the approval they get from bitter hateful fake Christian, Racist, Misogynist, Classist Homophobe conservative extremists by supporting an anti-choice agenda. Like crack heads, they will do anything to get their approval fix. They know they are frauds which is why they are self-destructive obnoxious buffoons who ultimately embarrass themselves constantly and everyone associated with them. No one takes them seriously, least of all the Christian conservative right who adeptly exploits their insecurities and uses them as pawns.

Finally, although we do have some strong opinions, we aren’t the type of lesbians who need you to think like us in order to be friends. We find it effortless to look beyond differences, unless you’re a hostile misogynist, racist, homophbic, classist a-hole. 

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