(75) Prank Fails and Jive

Maybe we’ve outgrown the pranks, yeah? We tried over and over and over to get through one prank and failed every single time. Tune in and you’ll hear how pranks with potential go from bad to worse because of our inability to execute, as me and Nikki pretend to be a couple on the rocks.

At 59, Mom spontaneously tells her very first joke ever, from of all places, an ER bed during a medical emergency; conversely, after decades of buffoonery  my trying out some generic one liners like “This place is hotter than a Turkish bathhouse!” even though it really WAS hot as hell in there, all fell completely flat on very busy nurses and doctors. Thank you for all of your well wishes. Mom is coming along while she kills ME in the process!

Some chatter with Nikki about Shakira (?), falling Grandparents, Dancing …God knows what else; And some convo with Lalee about other things, sometimes weird things.

A lot of this podcast is recorded on a portable which requires some of the yelling-ish, please forgive.

Missed you.

Love you long time.


UPDATE: Thank you so much for your emails and voice mails about Mom. We knew from day 3 she would being making an 80-90% recovery. Still lots of work involved but those numbers are very encouraging, which is why I’m not suicidal.

She told me she’s having an occasional “side effect” of spontaneous laughter, which is hysterical to me. I’ve had some intense issues with Mom in the past, but she’s made up for a lot of it over the years and has come a looooooong way. She loves Buffy, a show I have never watched, and she watches the Logo channel – I don’t even watch the Logo channel because I barely watch TV. She’s a good hearted woman …..one who doesn’t get Aaaaanyones humor, and has her limitations like any of us, but just the same… you only get one Mom. You know.


Again, thank you for your kind thoughts.

-sandi ❤

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